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spices and herbs for high blood pressure

spices and herbs for high blood pressure. due to diet, stress or heredity, high blood pressure is a serious disease that affects 50 million Americans. Changing diet and lifestyle, along with the use of some herbs and spices, can help to prevent and relieve high blood pressure. Also called hypertension, high blood pressure requires attention from a healthcare professional before starting any herbal treatments.
celery and celery seed
For centuries, celery and celery seeds were home remedies to lower blood pressure. Recent scientific studies have argued that the celery and celery seeds help prevent and treat high blood pressure. The taste and smell of celery comes from 3-n-butylphthalide. Phthalide aid in reducing hypertension by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow normally. />
Garlic Garlic is known in the folk tradition, where he was told to stop the cold, deter mosquitoes and also fight the plague. Active content is sulfur, sulphide and diallyl allicin. Studies show garlic is a powerful antioxidant and a natural antibiotic. The human body does not build resistance to healthy properties of garlic, which means that the properties of garlic are consistently effective. Excessive intake of garlic can cause garlic breath, garlic odor of the skin and have a negative impact on the digestive tract.
In 2008, a series of studies at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, the researchers found that garlic lowers blood pressure in humans, as opposed to those given a placebo. Dr. George Jacob noted that a clove of garlic a day can lower blood pressure, and remember that garlic be used in the kitchen every day. Jack Challem, in "The Wonders of Garlic", has compiled a comprehensive list of numerous scientific studies that show the effectiveness of garlic. All studies indicate that garlic is like a wonder drug to reduce blood pressure, as well as cancer and prevention of bacterial and fungal infections.
Hawthorn vegetables and fruits
Folk hawthorn herbalists have used for a variety of heart related evils. Anecdotal evidence tells us that any problems related to blood circulation can be improved with hawthorn, including congestive heart failure, blood circulation and irregular heartbeat, as well as low blood pressure or high. Hawthorn blocks an e-converting enzyme, ACE. The blood vessels can dilate then, letting the blood flow normally with less pressure.
In his article "Natural Ways to low blood pressure," Dr. Ray Sahelian cites a 2002 study in which people with high blood pressure to respond to a daily dose of 500 mg of hawthorn extract. With a low dose, and an apparent lack of interference with other drugs, the Hawthorn is considered a safe herbal treatment for high blood pressure. Children and individuals with colitis or ulcers, or taking medication for the heart, they need to consult with a health care professional before taking hawthorn.

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