Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Lose Belly Fat?

How to lose your belly fat?

Now it is a million dollar question. If you are interested to know some best and effective ways then you are in right place.
Before starting this article we have to know some information about fat and how fat deposit in belly.
Fat are the essential food for human body and made of fatty acid. There are many useful function of fat are present in human body. Some important functions are _
• A rich source of energy.
• It support most vital organ (Heart,Kidney,Liver) of our body.
• It gives flavor of food.• Fatty acid helps to maintain growth of the body.
But excess fat is very dangerous to us. If we intake excess amount of energy food (carbohydrate, fat) that is not need to our body. Then this excess amount of energy is converted into fat and deposit into our body. It is very harmful to us because it is responsible for some serious disease such as obesity, cancer of the colon, coronary heart disease etc.
Belly fat is the worst fat of the body and to reduce it, is tough. But in this article we have to discuss some easy and effective tips to reduce this.

Set Up Your Mind
Belly fat is harmful to us because we know that it is responsible for some serious disease. So we must lose excess amount of fat Set up your mind before taking any steps. It is the fundamental element for fat loss. If you determined on your goal and motivate yourself than half of the work is done. And you can easily take any steps to lose belly fat. You must be crazy to get some fruitful result and it will help to do work easily.

Diet Plane
The second point is diet and also a very important factor to lose belly fat. If a huge amount of fat present in your belly, you must change your food plan and avoid some food.
We know that carbohydrate is th4e main source of energy. So excess carbohydrate means excess amount of energy .This extra energy converted into fat and stored in belly (maximum) and other part in the body.
Try to avoid high carbohydrate containing food (potato, rice, sugar, sweet juice, energy drink, cake, popcorn). For daily energy wheat product is better than rice product.
Avoid bad fat (animal fat) but consume good fat (cod liver oil, olive oil).
There is no binding to take protein containing food but not to take excess amount.
Drink a lot of water but not at a time. It is better to drink one glass of water per hour in a day. Water helps to maintain body’s metabolic function and also many other positive effect.
Excess amount of salt is very harmful to our body. It is also responsible for belly fat. So decrease amount of salt intake and stays healthy. Increased amount of salt is not only responsible for fat but also responsible for some serious disease (hypertension).
Eat fruit especially citrus fruit.Because citrus food contain vitC, that helps to lose belly fat.
Avoid milk based product (ice-cream), because milk based product contain high amount of calorie. This calorie converted into fat and stored into belly.

Free From Stress
Try to free from stress. There is a strong relationship between stress and cortisol hormone. Stress helps to secrete extra amount of cortisol hormone from adrenal gland. Cortisol hormone causes breakdown of fat from peripheral part of the body (hand, legs) and deposit fat in central part of the body (belly, face). Control stress and control body fat.
Sleep is one of the most important factors to live a healthy life. A good and sound sleep is good for body. Seven to eight hours sleep helps to lose belly fat. Sleeping period is also an important factor. Avoid sleep just after meal because it creates a bad effect for body. Early sleeping and early rising is very good for health.

The main target of exercise is to burn fat form belly. Free hand exercise is the best. Walking helps to burn calorie from body and is also a good exercise. Abdominal exercise helps refuse calorie. Abdominal crunches are one of the useful exercises to reduce belly fat. Some of the exercises are also available such as situps, cycling, running etc.
Note that don’t start exercise just after meal and empty stomach because before starting any other exercise first walking on running 10 to 20 minutes then take other exercise. It is called warm up. It helps to reduce fat rapidly.
Exclusive Tips
1. Drink a glass of water in the morning in empty stomach.
2. Drink green tea but not to drink coffee more than one cup in a day.
3. Maintain food discipline.
4. Eat more fiber containing food and high carbohydrate containing food.
5. Ginger, pepper is also helpful to reduce fat.
6. Try to avoid non vegetative food.

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