Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Go About Choosing Air Cargo Services

Air cargo service options basically refer to the extra advantages that airlines offer to their customers. Many of these companies have a large list of services that they offer to their customers depending on the type of airline one chooses to ship with. If a company specializes on transporting passengers then their air cargo services will defer from an airline that deals with transporting goods.

It is vital to understand that some companies offer more services than others and hence you ought to do some background research so as to make an informed decision. Furthermore, each company has the mandate to decide which kind of air cargo services they offer to their customers provided it does not contravene the state laws. Some of the services offered include wheelchair services unaccompanied minor escorts, skycap, baggage handling, ticket verification, and many more. Some of the kinds of air cargo service options to expect as part of air shipping include road feeder services between different airports and of course inland container depots, centers for perishable cargo, air cargo clearance and warehousing for bonded and non bonded air cargo in some selected airports.

Another crucial air cargo service that credible air cargo companies offer includes document control. If all documents are not always checked to ensure they are one hundred percent then things are bound to go wrong. A good air cargo company should therefore ensure that all their air cargo documents are in order at times.

With the increased safety requirements imposed on the air cargo industry over the past decade, shipping and air cargo has been made to be more expensive and harder. In fact, it is astonishing how things have been made even more difficult lately due to the new restrictions imposed on air cargo shipping. Currently, containers can only be a certain size, the amount of toxic materials that can be sent on a plane at once, and the weight limits that should not be exceeded. With all these new restrictions on hauling air cargo, you ought to be very careful in choosing the appropriate air cargo company that can offer you air cargo service options that suit your needs.

It is also very important that you choose an air cargo service that guarantees credible air cargo tracking service. You should realize that knowing where a cargo is at a given time is invaluable for the company that is shipping the goods. It is a good idea to prevent an avoidable risk or liability at all times when shipping your goods.

You should approach the issue of shipping fees carefully. Do not always settle for the cheapest charges but the best that your pockets can afford, before picking an airline. Moreover, it is also advisable that you understand goods that are legal to ship through the air and which ones are not. Nonetheless, all these issues can be handled by a cargo agent if you pick a credible air cargo company that has the interests of their customers at heart. In short, choosing a company that offers appropriate air cargo service options can make a big difference between a good shipping experience and a horrible one.

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