Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hypertension: What to Eat

Hypertension: What to Eat. High blood pressure is an insidious disease for many years silent, but which affects so severe human existence. Especially in mild forms, the power becomes an important factor, being considered a cardiovascular disease, benefits from a dietary therapy. ipertensioneL'ipertensione is considered a cardiovascular risk factor because when the pressure rises above a certain value you risk: myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, arterial insufficiency and renal failure.

Risk factors belong to the daily component: smoking, obesity, stess, diabetes, inheritance, and kidney disease. But above all is the devil crystalline salt, to be in the dock for years. In fact, clinical studies have shown that the simple reduction of salt in it is sufficient to normalize the mild hypertension.

Primitive people, who consume almost never salt, high blood pressure do not know. These populations consume more potassium-rich foods (they are rich in vegetables, some meat, citrus fruits and bananas) that is convenient to normalize the pressure, balancing the levels of sodium.


GREEN LIGHT = foods rich in potassium and low in sodium to combat and / or prevent high blood pressure
Potassium Sodium Foods
Pasta 174 12
360 51
Calf 359 48
Rabbit 390 40
Cauliflower 400 24
Mushrooms 430 5
Lentils 1200 3
Potatoes 410 0.8
Peas 380 0.9
Beans 300 0.6
Pumpkin 480 0.5
Apricots 440 0.6
Bananas 420 0.9
Grapes 254 5
Cherries 260 3
Almonds 690 1
Plums 848 2

RED LIGHT food = not recommended
Sodium foods
bread 450
Corn flour 660
milk 51
cheese 600
turkey 130
goose 150
sardines in oil
tuna in oil

radishes 83
spinach 84
celery 96
beets 110
figs 39
chocolate 83
Grapefruit juice 139

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